In this package you should have:
1.      Smokey Fish Cakes; 4 pieces
2.      Wild red rice and long-grain rice
3.      Free range eggs; 4
4.      Hollandaise sauce; 1 pottle
Meal Preparation
1.      Steam the rice in a pot or use a rice cooker
2.      Poach eggs in boiling water, takes ~ 3-4 minutes
3.      Air-fry or bake the pre-cooked Smokey Fish Cakes until golden
To Serve
1.      Place a ring on a dinner plate and put the cooked rice into the ring
2.      Place the cooked Smokey Fish Cake on top of the rice
3.      Place the poached egg on top of the Smokey Fish Cake
4.      Pour the Hollandaise sauce on top of the stack
5.      Enjoy your meal