(for 4 People)

In this package you should have

  1. White fish fillet
  2. Coconut Cream; 2 cans
  3. Curry paste; 1 pottle and chilli flakes
  4. Long-grain rice with wild rice; 1 bag
  5. Garnish

Meal Preparation

  1. Steam the rice in a pot or use a rice cooker
  2. Cut the fish in cubes, chop the onions
  3. Heat oil in a pot and cook onions until soft
  4. Add curry paste and cook for 5 minutes, stir constantly
  5. Add 3/4 of coconut cream and cook for 20 minutes covered
  6. Add the fish and the rest of coconut cream
  7. Simmer until the fish is cooked through

To Serve

  1. Place Fish curry on steamed rice
  2. Place garnish on the curry
  3. Enjoy your meal