Is your fish fresh and where do you get it from?

We buy fish on a daily basis. All our fish comes from the Christchurch Fish Market. Local fishers land their catch into Lyttelton and from there it is transported to the fish market. 


We believe in buying local produce for local people and with weather and boat size acting as a restriction to fishing. This helps with sustainability of fish stocks.

Where is your fish processed?

We process fish at our premises. We take care of the fish from whole to fillet.


Why do your prices fluctuate and are sometimes high?

Fish is bought via an auction at the Christchurch Fish Market.  When the fish catch has been effected by weather, seasonal habits, or quota management there will be a limited amount available, resulting in more demand than supply with a higher price being paid.


I am a bit nervous about cooking fish, can you help me?

Absolutely, we have give away recipes that we can match to specie and skill level.


How do i know when my favourite species comes into the shop?

If it isn't a regular species you can go on our text list and will be notified as soon as it comes in from the market and is filleted.


Are you part of a chain of shops?

No. The shop is locally owned and operated Janine Rogers and Shayne Garbes. 


Is your smoked fish smoked naturally?

Yes, with sugar and salt and smoked with manuka wood chips


Your ready to eat products are they made locally and are they gluten/dairy free?

All our deli foods are made at the shop are dairy free (except the salmon filo) and all others can be made gluten free on request.


What farmers markets are you at?

Friday at Ohoka, Saturday at Waipara Valley 


I want to learn to fillet can you help me?
We run filleting evenings where you will get hands on experience of filleting fish.